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What do the legislative sponsors of HB875 and SB2162 – calling for the repeal of the state’s moratorium on nuclear plant construction -- know that this man doesn’t about building new nuclear plants without a place to dispose of the long-lived, extremely dangerous, high-level radioactive wastes?

Authorizing the construction of new nuclear reactors in Illinois – or anywhere -- without a permanent place to dispose of the radioactive wastes is like authorizing the construction of a new Sear’s Tower – without bathrooms. If John Rowe, staunch supporter of nuclear power, and the CEO of the nation’s largest nuclear utility – Exelon – and Chairman of the Nuclear Energy Institute – the trade group for the industry – believes we need to solve the radioactive waste problem before he would build new reactors, then what kind of information must the sponsors of these bills be relying on? Is it – green?

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