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In the debate about solving global warming, the Public is often given a false, misleading choice between continuing with some form of coal -- and nuclear power. Renewable energy is marginalized and not discussed. Misleading statements about environmentalists reconsidering the use of nuclear power abound -- just as fake advertising trumpeting that "Most doctors smoke Camel cigarattes" abounded when the tobacco industry was trying to confuse the public about the health risks of smoking.

What has NOT received sufficient coverage in the media is that we currently possess a great deal of the technological know-how needed to begin creating an energy future that will be BOTH carbon free, and nuclear free -- and by the year 2050 according to Dr Arjun Makhijana , President of the Inst. for Energy and Envirnmental Research in Takoma Park MD.

His new book, "Carbon-Free and Nuclar-Free", fleshes out the details of this enormously important roadmap to a sane, sustainable and environmentally responsible US energy policy.

"Carbon-Free and Nuclear-Free - A Roadmap for US Energy Policy"

Carbon-Free and Nuclear-Free is an important new book by Dr. Makhijani on how to meet the climate crisis without more fossil fuel or nuclear plants. The book is available as a free .pdf download (4.4 MB). Printed copies are also available; a limited number are available for $17.95 postpaid from NEIS. Order yours today for the holidays!

To Order a copy using Paypal:

You can also
* Use VISA/Mastercard/Discover by calling our office to place an order (Paypal acccepts many credit cards, including Visa/MC)
* Mail us an order with your name, address and contact information - and a check - to the NEIS office

Books will be shipped via US Post Office.

Dr. Makhijani on Chicago's CAN-TV

NEIS Director Dave Kraft on Carbon Free Nuclear Free

Here is a video of NEIS Director Dave Kraft presenting Carbon-Free and Nuclear-Free at the 2008 Illinois Renewable Energy Fair:

Nuclear Power is not the answer book cover

Also see "Nuclear Power is Not the Answer" by Dr. Helen Caldicott

There are lots of reasons you can't 'Nuke' Global Warming. The fact is, Nuclear power won't save us from Global Warming any more than it will be "Too Cheap to Meter" - thats just another overenthusiastic promise from an industry that hasn't delivered on any of its promises. There's a new book - "Nuclear Power is Not the Answer" - in which Dr. Helen Caldicott addresses this very topic. NEIS also has a pdf factsheet that you can download here. pdf indicator