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Twelve Simple Things you can do

NEIS has prepared a simple list of a dozen small actions that you can take to help us protect the health, safety and finances of Illinois residents from the Nuclear Industry. Its all here on a list that you can download!


If you want a less-nuclear world, YOU will have to support one! NEIS needs your support and membership to continue the work towards a non-nuclear future based on energy efficiency and safer alternatives to nuclear power. If you can afford to pay the energy polluters once every month, you can afford the cost of a membership to a group dedicated to stopping their pollution once per year. For the price of one cup of gourmet coffee per month, help prevent the next Chernobyl from happening. Become a member TODAY!
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Volunteer for NEIS

NEIS always needs volunteers: email, fax or phone us for specific ways you can help!

Help Oppose the Unsafe Waste Dump at Yucca Mountain

The propopsed nuclear waste storage facility at Yucca Mountain, NV is sited in a geologically active area close to Las Vegas. The Bush administration has broken its campaign promises, and is trying to force this through despite scientific evidence that it is not a good idea. Public Citizen has an online petition you can sign to oppose this madness.


Download a .pdf hardcopy of the petition here

Call attention to the Terrorism Risk at Nuclear Reactors

Many Nuclear Reactors - including 4 of the 14 that Excelon operates in Illinois - are particularly vulnerable to terrorism. The NRC has refused to take action on this matter.

Download, copy and fill out the NEIS Petition on Nuclear Reactor Security and Safety. Return to NEIS -- ASAP!  (pdf file) 

ACTION ALERTS: Ways to Take Immediate Action on Current Issues

Hold a House Party!

NEIS House Parties need hosts. Hold an education and fundraising event at your house. NEIS can provide a speaker and plan the event. Are you up to the challenge?