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"Next Step"

The Citizen Epidemiology Conference

Citizen Epidemiology Conference
Changes and Updates
As of : May 10, 2005

Dear Conference Attendee:

Please note the following changes in the Conference schedule:


The Conference is pleased to add two presenters to the schedule: Dr. Judith Johnsrud, Environmental Coalition on Nuclear Power; Sierra Club National Radwaste Advisor, USA; and Cindy Folkers, staff researcher, Nuclear Information and Resource Service, USA. They will be addressing the new research findings and understandings of low-dose exposures to ionizing radiation in a presentation titled, "Low Dose, NOT Low Hazard: New Understandings of the Effects of Low-Dose Exposures to Ionizing Radiation." They will present information concerning the upcoming BEIR VII release, as well as recent US-DOE meetings on the topic.


The Friday evening session of the Conference will be held at Annenberg Hall, room G15, on the Evanston South Campus of Northwestern University; the Saturday and Sunday sessions will be held at Harris Hall, also on the South Evanston Campus. Both buildings are a 10 minute walk from the downtown Evanston train stations of the CTA's "Purple" Line elevated train, and the regional Metra Station stop.


We regret to inform you that Dr. Jawad Al Ali, oncologist from Iraq, will not be attending the Conference in person due to difficulties in obtaining his visa. This occurred despite the extraordinary efforts of the office of U.S. Congresswoman, Rep. Jan Schakowsky, to try to facilitate his attending. However, an audiotaped interview with Dr. Al Awi (recorded on April 30th) will be played, and his Power Point presentation from the Hamburg 2003 Conference on DU/Uranium Weapons will be given. Consult the schedule for the time of these showings.


We were recently informed that the expected video from researcher Dr. Rosalie Bertell will not be ready in time for the Conference, due to production and editing delays. In its place we will show, "Nuclear Controversies" (formerly, "Atomic Lies"), by Wladimir Tchertkoff, which aired on Swiss television in 2004.


On Saturday we will make arrangements to serve a lunch onsite of vegetarian and meat Thai food. If you prefer this option to going out on your own, you can make your reservation on Friday afternoon when you register for the Conference. The cost is US $5. If people enjoy and prefer this option, we may be able to provide it for Sunday as well. Let us know.


We regret if these changes cause any inconvenience to anyone. Please check back to this website for any possible future changes.

--The Conference Planners--


Here is the Schedule planned for the conference:


NOTE: The following schedule is subject to change. For the most current information, contact the NEIS office in the USA.

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