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NEIS has developed numerous pieces of literature about various nuclear power-related issues and topics, which we provide below. Feel free to contact us for additional copies, for clarifications, or more information. For additional information we suggest visiting the websites of our colleagues, government agencies, and opponents on our "LINKS" page.


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NEIS Submits Testimony on Toxic Coal Ash September 16, 2010 Testimony
Comments on Proposed Decomissioning of Zion Power Station March 6, 2008 Comments to Exelon
Comments Proposed Rule RIN 3150-AL19, “Consideration of Aircraft Impacts for New Nuclear Power Reactor Designs” December 17, 2007 Comments to NRC
Comments on Department of Energy's GNEP Program February 22, 2007 Comments to DOE
Comments on Clinton Early Site Permit November 8, 2006 Comments to NRC
NEIS Comments to Proposed Rule 10 CFR part 73, Regarding the Design Basis Threat for Security at Licensed Nuclear Facilities February 22, 2006 Comments to NRC
Comments to NRC Regarding Clinton Early Site Permit Environmental Impact Statement November 8, 2006 Comments to NRC
Letter to Illinois House Delegation Opposing Yucca Mountain May 7, 2002 Open Letter
HERE TODAY, THERE TOMORROW: Commercial Nuclear Reactor Sites As Terrorist Targets  October 22, 2001 Report
NEIS Gives Comments to U.S. Department of Energy on National Energy Strategy June 12, 2001 Testimony
NEIS Helps Launch "20-20 Energy Vision" As Alternative to Bush's National Energy Policy May 14, 2001 Position Statement
Letter to Clinton on Kyoto Protocol, October 1, 2000 October 22, 2001 Open Letter
Letter to Fitzgerald in Support of S.1369, the "Clean Energy Act of 1999" May 22, 2000 Open Letter
Comments of the Nuclear Free Great Lakes Campaign before the International Joint Commision September 24, 1999 Testimony
Testimony Before The Illinois Commerce Commission about Nuclear Waste and Electricity Deregulation April 24, 1998 Testimony
Testimony to Illinois Senate on Proposed Electric Utility De-Regulation October 10, 1997 Testimony

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