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Radioactive Roads and Rails Convoy Returns to Chicago June 14, 2002 Press Advisory
Mock Radwaste Transport Casks Cross USA to Warn Citizens About "Radioactive Roads & Rails " June 10, 2002 Press Release
Nuclear Free Great Lakes Action Conference; Radioactive Roads & Rails Wagon Train of Conscience June 2, 2002 Revised Press Advisory
Bush Breaks Campaign Promise, Selects Flawed Yucca Mt. Waste Dump Site;
Chicago Tribune Refuses to Correct Factual Errors or to Debate its Yucca Mt. Stance
February 15, 2002 Press Release
Potassium Iodide Use and Distribution : Around Nuclear Facilities February 10, 200  Press Release
NEIS Challenges Chicago Tribune to Debate on Yucca Mt. February 02, 2002  Letter to Chicago Tribune
Haste Makes Waste November 19, 2001 Letter to the Editor
Nuclear Watchdog Calls on Congress for Reactor Security Changes - Report Released October 22, 2001 Press Release
Truth Becomes a Casualty of War:
Terrorist Victorious Again as NRC Uses 9/11 for Pretext to Keep the Public in the Dark.
October 12, 2001  Press Release
National Energy Policy Op-Ed June 2001 Letter to the Editors
Bush Energy Policy -the Same Old Flawed Approach May 2001 Press Statement
Response to Chicago Sun Times Article "Our Energy Needs Can Wait No Longer" May 6, 2001 Letter to the Sun Times Editors
Bush Energy Policy:   George II Rewards Campaign Contributors, Repeats George I Mistakes April 17, 2001 Press Release
ComEd Shareholders' Resolution February 24,2001 Press Release
Clinton Policy on Global Warming takes Orwellian Turn October 27, 2000 Letter to the Editors
Sen Fitzgerald (R IL) urged to s upport "Clean Energy NOW" May 23, 2000 Press Release
Proposed NRC Policy to Allow Radioactive Waste in Consumer Goods December 8, 1999 Press Release
Better Business Bureau Call Nuclear Industry Ads Misleading December 9, 1998 Press Release
Study Finds Major Flaw with Proposed Nuclear Waste Dump at Yucca Mt, Nv. December 1, 1998 Press Release
NRC Challenged to Uphold the Law in Yucca Mt. Process Nov. 18, 1998 Press Release
Illinois Utilities Attempt $14.6+ Billion Consumer Ripoff September 29, 1998 Press Release
Regulators Fail to do their Job; Nukes Deteriorate August 6, 1997 Press Release
ComEd Efficiency Plan for Show; Utility still opposed to common sense July 14, 1998 Press Release
Letter to the Editors May 28, 1998 Letter to the Editors
Poor Performance Brings Illinois Reactos Extra Scruitiny from NRC January 29, 1997 Press Release
Illinois Nukes, NRC "Watch List": Cause for Guarded
Optimism, Healthy Skeptecism
July 27, 1997 Press Release

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